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use aromatherapy to repair your relationship with food, exercise and yourself.

PROJECT ME: Life is a D. I. Y. Project


I choose to be enough. I choose to love myself as I am. I choose to care for me and do things that support wellness. I enter this year with Project Me because life is a DIY project and I’m worth the effort.

I invite you to join me on this journey to transforming your life in all areas. I've put myself, my dreams and desires for my life on the back burner for long enough. I'm guessing that you have too. 

Welcome to Project Me: Life is a DIY Project!

This is a non-diet approach to wellness. You are multi-dimensional and your wellness program should be multi-dimensional too. Begin your journey with my weekly self coaching program. It takes you through 52 self-coaching sessions designed to transform your life.

You can start at any time, why not start now?


LIFETIME Access for $25


Purchase LIFETIME access to my 55-minute STOP the Food Fight! presentation for $25...

In this presentation, I introduce you to the 7 myths that are the foundation for all nutrition, wellness and weight loss books and programs. We've all been taught this stuff is true and it isn't. It is responsible for making us all sicker and fatter than we've ever been before. 

Once you know the truth, you'll be ready to learn more about how your body really works so you can live in wellness daily. I also introduce you to the first step in beginning a truly multi-dimensional wellness program. 

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PROJECT ME: STOP the Food Fight!


After 25+ yrs of dieting and losing and gaining and failing and hating myself and loathing myself and despising my body and avoiding mirrors, clothes shopping, social events and more, I ditched diets and chose to live in wellness daily. 

It's time to break all the dieting rules and repair your relationship with food, exercise, and yourself. Healing yourself - heart and soul - so you actually LOVE yourself again. 

STOP the Food Fight! is a monthly subscription group that's part of my PROJECT ME wellness program. It's freeing, and frustrating, and hard work that's worth doing because it's for YOU and no one else. 


($27/month after that - cancel anytime).




All your life patterns were created by the emotional experiences from when you were conceived all the way to present time and are compounded by the emotional garbage passed onto you through the cells shared from your parents. 

When you set a goal or start to change a bad habit, there is an inner voice that tells you why you can't do it, like “you’re not good enough.” In most cases, this inner voice will be strong enough to create doubt that leads you to stop working on making the desired changes.

What if you could turn your inner voice into your inner cheerleader?

I show you how to use aromatherapy techniques and journaling to do just that. You can thank me later.